Best knife to butcher and cutting raw meat cleaver for bones

Longquan's sword-inspired jib knife. Longquan's history spans over 2,500 years, and the legendary skill of sword forging has been carefully utilized to create a kitchen knife that has no equal.

During the era of the ancient Chinese sword master Ou Ye Zili, the unique natural conditions of Longquan gave birth to such legendary swords as the "Long Yuan", "Tai A" and "Tai Fabric", renowned for their ability to "break horse and horse, attack water geese and chop as fast as the enemy". This knife inherits the legacy of these incomparable blades.

Once a symbol of royalty and chivalry, the sword has now been reborn in your kitchen. Crafted from 7-chromium 17-molybdenum-vanadium steel, it embodies the ancient spirit of the Chinese nation. Its moon-shaped blade features unrivaled sharpness and long-lasting precision. The imported rosewood handle and brass mount give it an antique retro charm that combines tradition and modernity.

This multi-purpose cleaver excels at tasks such as slicing, trimming, butchering and preparing meat. Whether it's slicing raw meat, cutting frozen cuts or cutting the perfect cut of cooked meat, this knife can handle any task with ease. Its traditional design ensures minimal sharpening and easy care.

Bring the legacy of the Longquan sword into your home with our Longquan Sword-Inspired Cleaver Knife. Revitalize the warrior spirit in your kitchen today.

Material: Metal
Package Size:

430 x 150 x 80 mm

430 x 150 x 40 mm

430 x 200 x 100 mm

Product category: multi-purpose knife
Material: 7 chromium 17 molybdenum vanadium steel
Specifications: Fuhu Moon Knife, Fuhu Moon Knife + Leather Case
Style: antique, retro
Production process: handmade
Handle material: imported rosewood
Mounting material: brass
CJJJJTCF05846-1set=CJJJJTCF05846-Knife and black leather case + CJJJJTCF05846-With holster

Package Content:
1 x Knife

Hand-forged chef's knife for chopping and cutting bones and meat
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