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Introducing the top-of-the-line Damascus chef's knife, the epitome of culinary excellence. Crafted from anciently revered Damascus steel, also known as Uzi steel, this chef's knife embodies a rich heritage of superior craftsmanship. Its exceptional blade features Muhammad's hallmark unique wave pattern adorning each surface, elevating it above ordinary cutlery.

Unlike traditional folding forging techniques, modern Damascus steel is carefully forged by combining layers of soft and hard materials. Such an alloy imparts amazing strength and unprecedented hardness unattainable by conventional steel. The complex process of multi-layer forging gives the knife a denser structure, endows it with significant weight and rust resistance that surpasses its counterparts.

Key Features:
- Blade: VG10 steel, core made of 67 Damascus steel decorated with auspicious clouds.
- Handle: Sleek black colored wooden handle with double steel heads for a secure grip.
- Hardness: Excellent HRC 60-62 for long-lasting sharpness.
- Features: Unrivaled sharpness and durability make this an essential tool for the chef.
- Sustainability: This knife is designed with health and environmental concerns in mind.
- Ergonomic: The lightweight design reduces fatigue, making any culinary task a breeze.

With our 7-inch Damascus steel chef's knife, elegantly packaged in a gift box. Its advanced technology delivers exceptional sharpness measured by a cutting force of 5.4-6.0 N, putting it on par with professional kitchen knives.

Become the owner of a piece of culinary art that combines history, innovation and functionality. Enhance your culinary skills with the precision and elegance of our top-of-the-line Damascus chef's knife.

Upgrade your kitchen arsenal with this stainless steel chef's knife and experience the difference that true craftsmanship can create.

Material: Metal
Package Size:
270 x 120 x 40 mm

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