Western style Professional Chef Knife Cooking Knife

This professional Western-style chef's knife is the true companion of the culinary maestro. This paring knife features a razor-sharp edge with a tip angle of over 60°.

With a long blade length of 8 inches, this kitchen knife is the perfect combination of versatility and grace. Designed for chefs and cooking enthusiasts, it handles a multitude of kitchen tasks from dicing to finely chopping herbs with ease.

This professional kitchen knife is made of high quality stainless steel, making it not just a tool, but a loyal helper. Its exceptional durability and corrosion resistance ensure that it will stand the test of time in even the most demanding kitchen environments.

This stainless steel chef's knife embodies the essence of professional chef knives, delivering unrivaled performance that elevates cooking to gourmet levels. Its precision and balance make it an indispensable companion for culinary virtuosos.

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Wondering where to buy a kitchen knife of such high quality? Look no further! This professional western style chef's knife is on sale now and ready to turn your kitchen into a culinary paradise.

Material: Metal, Others
Package Size:

355 x 80 x 40 mm

Product information:
Kitchen knife type: slicing knife
Whether to edge: yes
Tip angle: 60° or more
Blade length: 8 inches


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