Damascus steel santoku knife for cutting and carving meat

Damascus Steel Santoku Knife. Built to perfection, this multipurpose knife has impressive features that make it the best knife for a wide range of meat preparation tasks.

Forged from 67 layers of Damascus steel, this knife is a work of art and engineering. With a tip angle of 60 or less, the Sande knife's design ensures precision cutting and carving, making it a top choice.

With a blade length of 17.8 cm and handle length of 14 cm, this Santoku knife provides the perfect balance between control and versatility. The full blade length of 31.8 cm provides enough reach for easy meat preparation.

This knife is the best tool for slicing, cutting and slicing meat. Whether you're working with raw, frozen or cooked meat, this knife glides effortlessly through it, ensuring precise cuts every time. Say goodbye to uneven slices and tedious trimming - this Santoku knife will take care of you.

Designed for professionals and meat lovers alike, it excels at tasks such as removing fat from meat, thin slicing meat, and even lightly working with bones. It's not just a knife - it's your trusted partner in the kitchen.

Experience the superior sharpness of this Japanese-style Santoku knife. Whether you're slicing brisket, turkey or wild boar meat, it will deliver flawless results. Its ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip for extended use, making every meat-cooking operation a breeze.

Don't settle for ordinary knives - add this Damascus steel Santoku knife to your kitchen set. From cutting brisket to slicing the juiciest steaks, it's the best choice.

Material: Plastic, Metal, Wood
Package Size:

410 x 110 x 60 mm
Product Information:
Product Category: Multi-purpose knife
Material: 67 layers of Damascus steel
Specifications: Sande knife
Knife tip angle:60 ° or less
Blade length: 17.8cm
Knife handle length: 14cm
Full blade length max: 31.8cm

Package contents:
Knife X1

Steel chef's knife for cutting and chopping meat and vegetables
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