The best Mongolian knife for cutting raw meat is straight

The perfect tool for meat connoisseurs is the 10 cm straight Mongolian meat knife. This knife, crafted to perfection, has a stainless steel body and an 11 cm long shank, ensuring a precision unmatched by anything else.

With a cutting edge angle of about 13, this masterpiece is made of 5Cr15Mvo steel for unrivaled durability. The handle, which harmoniously combines rosewood and white copper, provides a comfortable grip for extended use.

This knife will be a great helper for various butchering tasks. The 57hrc blade hardness, 3 mm thickness and straight edge make it the best choice for cutting, slicing and butchering raw meat, even if it is frozen.

Whether you're a professional chef or a backyard barbecue enthusiast, this knife is versatile enough to handle cutting, cooking, and handling meat. It excels at removing fat, thinly slicing cooked meat, and trimming raw meat with surgical precision.

But that's not all: it is also suitable for demanding tasks such as cutting meat with bones, making it the butcher's best companion. The design ensures that every cut is a work of art and easily maintains sharpness for consistent performance.

With the Straight Mongolian meat knife, the sharpest, most versatile and reliable tool for cutting meat. Whether you're slicing, trimming or carving, this knife will revolutionize meat preparation, turning every meal into an exceptional experience.

Material: Metal, Wood
Package Size:

250 x 100 x 50 mm

Product information:
Blade length: 10 cm
Body material: stainless steel tool
Shank length: 11cm
Cutting edge angle: about 13 °
Body material: 5Cr15Mvo
Handle: chicken wing rosewood, white copper
Scope of application: wrist flesh outdoor
Blade hardness: 57hrc
Blade thickness: 3mm

Packing list:

Best knife for cutting and chopping frozen and raw meat
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