Kitchen knife with jackhammer for chopping meat and bones

Kitchen Knife with a Jackhammer Edge: Your Ultimate Meat and Bone Chopping Companion!

Crafted with a touch of timeless artistry, this kitchen knife is the epitome of precision and durability. Forged by skilled artisans using centuries-old techniques, it embodies a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

The secret to its exceptional performance lies in its high-quality carbon steel construction, meticulously hand-forged to perfection. This results in a blade that not only boasts incredible sharpness but also possesses remarkable hardness for effortlessly slicing through meats and bones with finesse.

The knife's ergonomic ebony handle, fortified with a copper ring, provides a secure and comfortable grip that won't deform over time. Its non-slip design ensures absolute control even during the most demanding tasks, making it the go-to tool for every culinary enthusiast.

This multifunctional marvel features a unique design, with 3/4 of the front side dedicated to slicing tasks and the remaining 1/4 optimized for precise bone chopping. Whether it's chicken, duck, or any other meat, this knife is your versatile kitchen companion.

Taking care of this kitchen masterpiece is simple. After use, ensure it's thoroughly dried and stored in a well-ventilated, dry place. For extended periods of non-use, a protective layer of edible oil on the blade preserves its quality. Avoid exposing it to open flames or prolonged submersion in water or corrosive liquids.

Unlock the full potential of your culinary creations with this knife. From effortlessly cutting chicken bones to precisely slicing chicken breast, it's your tool of choice for mastering the art of culinary perfection.

Experience the sharpest kitchen knife in your arsenal, designed for those who demand the best. Elevate your kitchen skills and embark on a journey of culinary excellence with this stainless steel masterpiece.

Discover the art of culinary precision, invest in the extraordinary, and elevate your kitchen game. The Kitchen Knife with a Jackhammer Edge - where tradition meets innovation for an unmatched chopping experience.

Material: Metal
Package Size:

400×350×100 mm

Material: Stainless steel
Custom processing: Yes
Specifications: Full length 31.5CM
Style: modern and simple
Product Name: Slicing Knife
Size: 31 5 CM X9.7CM
Features: ancient craftsmanship beating pattern
Material: Stainless steel
Handle: ebony +430 solid cast steel welding
Weight: 392.5g

Package Content:


A set of kitchen knives of seven items from 3.5 to 8 inches

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