Kitchen knife - cleaver in Oriental style Handle rosewood

Introducing our exceptional Oriental-style kitchen cleaver with a handle crafted from luxurious rosewood. This culinary masterpiece boasts a total length of 35.5cm, with a 24 cm blade that’s both formidable and precise. The handle, spanning 11 cm, feels perfectly balanced in your hand.

Forged from high-quality 5Cr15MOV steel, this cleaver’s 5% chromium content and 15% molybdenum-vanadium composition ensure unmatched durability and edge retention. Its 0.3cm thickness guarantees effortless slicing through ingredients.

The rosewood handle, accented by pure copper fittings, not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides a comfortable grip.

Experience culinary excellence with this unique kitchen knife, marrying Eastern tradition with modern craftsmanship.

Material: Metal
Package Size:

380×60×40 mm

Product Information:
Full length: 35.5cm Blade length: 24 cm

Handle length: 11 cm Blade width: 5 cm

Thickness: 0.3cm Blade material: 5Cr15MOV (5 chromium 15 molybdenum vanadium steel)

Handle material: rosewood, fittings: pure copper

Net weight: 0.25kg
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