Full Set of Stainless Steel Chef's Kitchen Knives for Home

The 10-piece stainless steel chef's kitchen knife set is the epitome of modern simplicity and chef's art.

Built with high reliability and designed for chefs and homemakers alike, this knife set excels. The body of each knife is made of stainless steel for durability. The blade is 18.5 inches long and the shank extends 11 inches, resulting in a maximum knife length of 29.5 inches.

The knife point angle of over 60° ensures easy slicing, chopping, and dicing, making these knives your best kitchen helpers.

This comprehensive set includes ten of the most essential knives:

1. large Sande knife
2. Bread knife
3. Chef's knife
4. Cleaver
5. Fruit knife
6. Small sande knife
7. All-purpose knife
8. Boning knife
9. Sticking Knife

High carbon stainless steel construction provides sharpness, rust resistance and durability. This chef quality kitchen knife set will be your key to success in the kitchen.

Our knife set is ideal for:

- Cutting meat
- Small kitchens
- Gorgeous culinary experiments
- Masterful cooking

You're sure to be a leader in the kitchen with the highest quality and most versatile set of kitchen knives on the market.

Material: Metal
Package Size:

340 x 100 x 50 mm

Product information:
Knifepoint angle: above 60 °
Blade length: 18.5
Blade body material: Stainless steel
Shank length: 11
Maximum full knife length: 29.5
Material: Stainless steel
Style: modern simplicity

Packing list:
1* Knife


Professional universal set of chef's knives stainless steel

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