Japanese kitchen knife with damask pattern cutting chicken

A Japanese chef's knife with a mesmerizing damask pattern, designed to dice and cut chicken effortlessly, making it a must-have item in your kitchen set.

This meticulously crafted knife is categorized as a chef's knife, which is synonymous with excellence in the culinary world. Its blade is forged from high quality 40CR14 stainless steel for unrivaled durability and rust resistance. The modern and simple design exudes sophistication, making it a centerpiece of your kitchen.

The tip angle of this Japanese kitchen marvel is over 60, giving you impeccable control over every cut. The 17 cm long blade, made of 4cr13mov alloy, provides the perfect balance between precision and power. The 13 cm ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip even during prolonged use, making the tool an extension of your hand.

The maximum full tool length of 29 cm provides versatility for a variety of cutting techniques. Meticulously cast, this knife is a testament to the finest Japanese craftsmanship.

It belongs to the category of Japanese kitchen knives, Japanese style knives and Japanese makers knives, distinguished by the craftsmanship of Japanese meat slicing knife.

For lovers of Japanese chef knives and Japanese stainless steel knives, this is a great choice. It is the perfect companion for all your culinary endeavors, whether you are a professional chef who needs professional kitchen knives or a home cook who needs discounted chef knives that don't compromise on quality.

Appreciate the finesse of Japanese knife making traditions in the form of our Japanese Damascus patterned chef's knife, a testament to the harmonious blend of art and precision.

Material: Metal, Others
Package Size:

300 x 100 x 30 mm

Product information:
Category: Chef knife
Material: 40CR14 stainless steel
Style: modern and simple
Tool tip angle: above 60 °
Blade length: 17
Blade material: 4cr13mov
Tool handle length: 13
Maximum full tool length: 29
Process: casting process

Packing list:
Tool X1PCS


Japanese kitchen knife for cutting and slicing fish

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