Professional Japanese Chef Knife for Steak, Fish, Chicken

The top-of-the-line professional Japanese knife is a meticulously crafted chef's knife.

Crafted with the highest precision, this Japanese knife is truly outstanding. The Gyuto steel blade slices, chops and minces with unrivaled precision. German-made high-carbon stainless steel ensures that food will never burn and will always be cooked perfectly.

The knife's exceptional workmanship makes it a multi-functional kitchen accessory that should be in every cook's cookware collection. It's not just a knife, but a great kitchen partner for slicing steaks, fish and poultry. From meat to sushi, fruits to vegetables, cheese to sashimi, this knife can handle any task with ease.

This chef's knife is made in Japan:

- Meat Cutting Knives
- Long meat cleaver
- Boning knife
- Best Sirloin Knives (for meat)
- Sirloin knives
- Japanese knife

Crafted from Damascus and high carbon steel, this knife sets a new standard for professional chef knives.

With an impressive array of features, this knife is the epitome of versatility in the kitchen. Dicing, boning, filleting, trimming, carving - this knife can do it all.

But there's more! Unleash your inner chef with our professional knife knowledge and learn the art of knife craftsmanship. Made of stainless steel and designed to last a lifetime.

A professional Japanese knife is not just a kitchen tool, it is a symbol of culinary excellence and a versatile helper for all types of cooking.

Material: Metal
Tool features: multi-function kitchen accessories cooking tableware
Knife detail 1: Gyuto steel slice mesh chopped
Tool detail 2: German high carbon stainless steel is not sticky
Suitable for: meat cut steak meat sushi fish fruit bread cheese sashimi
Features: in stock, environmental protection

Size 33x4.3cm
Type: Tool
Material: Stainless steel
Knife type: Cook knife
Hardness: HRC 58-60

Package Content :
1x Knife

Chef's Japanese-style kitchen knife for slicing Chicken Meat
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