Japanese Sakai Fudo Sashimi Knife, Japanese Style Sashimi Knife

Sakai Fudo sashimi knives are masterpieces of traditional craftsmanship and modern functionality. They are precision crafted by Japanese artisans. Made from high quality 400 series stainless steel, this multi-purpose knife will be your ticket to mastering Japanese cuisine. With three different blade lengths (240 mm, 270 mm, and 300 mm), it can be used for any type of cutting. Whether you are a sushi lover or a professional chef.

The razor-sharp edge glides effortlessly over delicate sashimi and sushi, making it the perfect knife for slicing salmon with precision and grace. It is also ideal for slicing and filleting fish, allowing you to quickly tackle any seafood preparation.

But this is a Japanese chef's knife that excels not only at slicing fish and seafood, but also meat. Its Japanese taste and design make it a standout among the collection of Japanese kitchen knives. Made by Japanese craftsmen renowned for their craftsmanship, this knife is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

This Japanese stainless steel knife is a reliable partner for your kitchen adventures, not only because of its superior performance. They are built to withstand rigorous daily use, providing durability without sacrificing sharpness and precision. Maximize the potential of this knife not only as a dicing tool, but also as a reflection of the traditions of Japanese cuisine.

A feast for both the eyes and the palate, this stainless steel knife embodies the essence of Japanese cuisine. With the Sakai Fudo Sashimi Knife, your culinary possibilities will expand. From delicate sashimi preparation to precise meat slicing, experience the knife's many uses and functions with Japanese elegance.

Material: Metal
Package Size:

300 x 60 x 60 mm

Product information:
Product category: Multi-purpose knife
Material: 400 series stainless steel
Specifications: Right-hand blade: 240MM, right-hand blade: 270MM, right-hand blade: 300MM
Style: Japanese

Size Information:
Size: 240mm 270mm 300mm

Packing list:
Tableware x1


Japanese stainless steel sashimi-sushi fish kitchen knife

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